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"My style is temperamental. It changes on a whim. I love for fashion shows and designer bios. Given the opportunity I would wear Valentino morning, noon and night."

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  • makes the bed in the mornings: kira would want to sleep in. braeden would want to make the bed. kira would look to cute. they would both waste too much time lying on the bed. it is never made. ever. except when kira’s parents come over.
  • has sole possession of the T.V. remote: kira. this is fine with braeden, because when kira is distracted by her shows, braeden can literally organize her huge gun collection without kira being any wiser.
  • stays up until 2am reading: kira. braeden often tells her off for this but then sort of just gets caught up in how cute kira is when she reads. the little smiles. the near giggles. the eyes brimming with tears. many a time braeden has fallen asleep just watching to kira read.
  • is the bigger cuddler: braeden. she loves to literally sweep kira off her feet and kiss her nose and bury her face in kira’s hair. kira is always a little shy about it. after all, all that affection is a lot to take in when you’ve just started dating and you’re nowhere near as in love with them as they are with you. over time, kira’s feelings change but her embarrassment over braeden’s affection never fades. “braeden i’m not five. stop kissing my nose” “but you’ve got such a cute nose.” “no it’s not. it’s ugly. stop kissing it.”
  • does the laundry: kira. it all started the day braeden told her of a great way to get blood out of your clothes. kira still marvels in it and insists on doing it herself. “look, scott! this white shirt was completely drenched in blood yesterday. look at it now.” “that’s my girl”
  • mows the lawn: kira. she gets her ipod and turns on ‘i’ll make a man out of you’ and just dances around singing it at the top of her lungs. this deeply embarrasses braeden but, like always, she finds it too cute to actually tell kira to stop. she just hides inside and hopes all their neighbors forget about it by tomorrow.
  • is better at budgeting: kira. “a rocket launcher, braeden. really?” “you never know when you’re going to need one” “you already have five!” “but, kira, this one has new features. it’s- wait right here. i’ll go get it and show you” “braeden, i don’t want to see your new rocket launcher. i want you to send it back so we can actually buy food this week. braeden? braeden! don’t make me call scott!”
  • instigates the sex: braeden, usually after her and kira’s sparring sessions. sometimes during. she’s not picky and, once kira picks up on the pattern, their sparring sessions have to be rescheduled all together.


John Diggle + actual kid in a toy store on Christmas (ノ◕‿◕)ノ

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Allison’s dead. I guess the only good thing is it looks like I’m dying, too.

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So no glasses or glasses? What look says that I no longer hear voices in my head and I am ready for steady employment? 

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make me choose: stlinskiz asked

sarah manning or allison argent
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